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Why You Need an Elder Law Attorney

The practice of elder law revolves around the population served - seniors. While an attorney who practices elder law must be proficient in many areas of law, the focus of elder law is a dedication to meeting the many and varied legal, financial, health care, and social needs of older adults. As we age, our planning needs change. An elder law attorney can assist older adults in evaluating planning options given their current goals, financial situation, and health status. We are all unique in many ways. We have different life experiences, asset levels, health issues, and family dynamics. Given all the differences between us - is it any wonder that we all have unique planning needs?

An elder law attorney is familiar with important planning tools like Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trusts. In addition, elder law attorneys assist older adults in evaluating options available to pay for health care costs like a nursing home stay. As we age, the probability of a health issue impacting our independence and financial stability substantially increases. Given the cost of just a month in a nursing home, an elder law attorney can help older adults feel that "there is a light at the end of the tunnel." Where a husband and wife are concerned, an elder law attorney can ensure that the spouse in need of care can receive the good care he or she deserves, without depleting all of the couple's assets. For single older adults, an elder law attorney can similarly assist them in understanding their options in regards to paying for a stay in a health care facility.

We all have the right to plan and enlisting the assistance of an elder law attorney can help older adults as they attempt to wade through the vast array of misinformation and misconceptions associated with Wills, Powers of Attorneys, and financing a stay in a health care facility.


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