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Friday, August 2, 2013

Preparing for the Start of School... and Emergencies

School will be starting up again soon, and while our kids may not be excited for it, it is coming.  When school starts again, every family should have a clear plan in case an emergency occurs during school hours.  With just a few simple steps, you can make sure that your child is taken care of if tragedy strikes.
First, you should name temporary guardians, people you give permission to care for your children should you and/or your spouse be unable to do so.  This individual should be someone who lives nearby and can comfort and aid your children in an emergency.  You can name a temporary guardian by completing a temporary guardianship agreement or authorization.
Make sure the temporary guardians are named on school emergency cards.  Some schools have these, authorizing certain people to pick up your child from school.  This way a guardian can take over immediately in the event of a true emergency.  Otherwise, your children may wind up in the custody of social services until a legal guardian or parent can be located.
Finally, make sure that your babysitter knows the plan if you don’t return home.  We don’t like thinking about it, but make sure you leave the information of who to call or what to do in case you are unexpectedly absent.  Without this information, babysitters will typically panic and call the police.
In time of tragedy, you don’t want your little ones to end up in social services, asking questions without answers.  Instead, leave them in the arms of a trusted friend by taking these simple steps.

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